UM Rotaract Club

Est. 1987

About Us

We are based at the University of Manitoba location. The club was founded with the intention of bringing together like minded individuals to make an impact to improve local communities and make an impact to better the world. The group is growing at a steady pace with ages open to everyone. Our sponsor group is the Fort Garry Rotary club. We are here to address the physical and social needs of club members, local communities, and global communities.

As most of the members are university students, we understand that there are many other commitments fellow members have, and are very flexible to upcoming circumstances. Every faculty is welcome, and we have a diverse group of individuals to assist with any questions. Ultimately we are here to foster support and warmth in our group.

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What we do



Volunteering with local soup kitchens and projects.

Previously Accomplished

Regularly volunteer at siloam mission

Host charity breakfasts and local bake sales


We organize fundraisers to raise money for projects of our interest whether that be locally or across borders.

Previously accomplished

Raised $1 000 for Oak Table this Halloween

Raised $1 000 to the Dadaap refugee camp in Kenya

Raised $500 for the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh

Collected non perishables all around campus and donated it to food banks.

Collected backpacks and donated them to Oak Table Halloween themes lootbaskets!

Hippo Roller Project

A hippo roller is a tool designed to maximize efficiency, providing young women more time to focus on things like school. This also minimizes the back and neck pain experienced when carrying the large amounts of water, improving their quality of life.

Thank you Mr. Reddy of the Rotary club for introducing us to this project.

We held a fundraiser for this project by putting together some gift baskets.